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For Sales Ops & Finance teams

Tired of spending days figuring out commissions in spreadsheets? With Qobra you can create calculation rules, make adjustments, manage disputes and approvals with ease and full flexibility.

For Sales Reps

Do you happen to find discrepancies between your commission estimations and the amount on your paycheck? Be on the same page as the Sales Ops & Finance teams. Trust improves performance.

For CROs, CFOs, CEOs and Head of Sales

How do you know that your compensation plan really drives your business strategy? Get insights about its effectiveness and make compensation a true business driver again.

The power of software with the flexibility
of spreadsheets

Connected to your CRM instance

Sync your commissions data in real-time from Salesforce, Pipedrive or Hubspot so you don't have to import-export .csv files ever again.

Setup your calculation rules

Commissions in spreadsheets are a hassle to manage. Setup all the calculation rules and exceptions that fit your business needs thanks to our plan editor.

Stay flexible

Handle adjustments, version history, dispute management and approval workflows. We know commissions is all about remaining flexible.

Incentives that work

Shareable & access levels

All users have their own dashboard with information relevant to them so you don't have to create multiple spreadsheets with different access rules ever again.

Drive the right behavior

With our clear dashboards, empower your Sales Reps to know which deals to focus on in order to reach their targets.

Don't let your top performers leave because of the comp plan

You don't want employee turnover because of mistrust towards a blurry commission spreadsheet.

Predictable commissions

Take the guesswork out of sales compensation

Qobra helps you figure out if your compensation plan is really driving revenue.

Analytics & Reporting

Commissions are a large part of the CAC. Assess the ROI of your go-to-market strategy and compare it to market best practices.

Commissions forecasting

Plan future commissions based on your pipeline and be one step ahead thanks to what-if scenarios.