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Retain sales rep: 4 benefits of a commission tool

Discover the power of a commission-based tool to retain and develop the loyalty of your best sales reps.

Gabrielle Gaurier
Head of Sales @Qobra

July 1, 2024

Replacing the departure of an employee requires significant human and financial resources. And for proof, according to a 2019 study by Work Institute, replacing an employee can cost up to 33% of their annual salary.

Yet the sales rep profession, however strategic it may be for a company, has one of Europe's highest staff turnover rates. According to INSEE, the average turnover rate (across all sectors of activity) is 15%, and it tends to exceed 50% for prospecting jobs.

For most sales reps, errors in their commission calculations or amounts have already happened or are recurring—a source of wasted time, tension, reduced performance, and, ultimately, departure.

To find out how to make commission a real driver of motivation, sales performance, and, ultimately, retention, Qobra's teams met with several sales reps from prestigious companies such as Spendesk, Hosman, Pennylane, Welcome to the Jungle, Partoo, Glady and many others.

Their experience and feedback give us an insight into the benefits of switching from Excel or Google Sheet to a commissioning tool.

1. Building lasting trust

As mentioned above, a commission calculation and management tool provides essential reliability and confidence on one of the most sensitive topics for the sales rep population: commission. 

With total transparency of information, a commission tool offers sales reps the certainty that their remuneration is calculated accurately and fairly. This confidence in the remuneration process strengthens the loyalty of sales reps towards their company.

"We also think that talent needs to have a certain amount of transparency and alignment from teams, and in that sense, Qobra meets our expectations extraordinarily well." 

Adrien Vicard, Head of Sales at Welcome to the Jungle

2. Personalized support and follow-up

Real-time visibility of commissions, combined with a clear understanding of the commission plan, means that sales reps feel fully supported in their work. 

Commissioning software enables Sales Managers to create clear, measurable objectives, and sales reps to monitor their performance daily. This proactive approach fosters the professional development of sales reps and reinforces their sense of belonging to the company.

Qobra's dashboard
"Qobra plays a key role in building loyalty because when an SDR arrives at Glady, we introduce him or her to the SDR job and the various performance indicators. We then present them with a letter of objectives. And it's at this point that the SDR can start tracking its day-to-day performance indicators directly in Qobra." 

Thomas Lepoittevin-Dubost, Head of SDR at Glady

3. Offering the best tools for success

📊 Figures to remember 

According to a Qobra & Modjo study on variable pay in France, 84.2% of employees who are satisfied with their variable pay model use a tool to calculate and manage commissions. Conversely, 45.7% of employees using Excel or Google Sheets are not satisfied with their variable pay model.

Sales reps are attracted to companies that invest in the best tools to help them achieve their goals. Platforms like Qobra give sales reps the tools they need to succeed, boosting their motivation and loyalty to the company. 

For example, the regular distribution and sharing of information via email and/or Slack on targets achieved and success is a major factor in obtaining better results for sales reps, and therefore higher commission. Ultimately, this makes the best sales reps want to stay in a company where they earn a good living.

4. Creating commitment with sales reps

Promoting the commission plan with SPIFF sales reps is an effective way of creating commitment and strengthening cohesion within sales teams. These stimulating challenges offer opportunities to work together and challenge oneself, reinforcing the sales reps' sense of belonging to the company. 

Qobra's challenge feature

By encouraging positive interaction between team members, SPIFF sales reps help to create a dynamic and motivating working environment, encouraging sales reps to stay and invest fully in their work.


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