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SPIFF sales reps: The ultimate playbook

Discover the methods, tips and tricks for setting up effective sales reps and more than 20 sales challenge templates.

Antoine Fort
Antoine Fort
CEO @Qobra
February 13, 2024
SPIFF sales reps: The ultimate playbook

1. Introduction

In a business environment where competition is fierce and challenges are commonplace, companies are constantly looking for innovative ways to propel their sales reps towards excellence.

SPIFFs are proving to be powerful tools for meeting these challenges, creating synergy between members of the sales team, stimulating innovation and propelling sales performance to the top. However, simply organising a challenge does not guarantee success. The key to success lies in strategic planning, alignment with sales reps and ongoing commitment!

This white paper, the result of a meticulous compilation of documentary research and best practice from experts at innovative companies (SeLoger, Doctolib, Spendesk, Qonto, Glady, etc.), is designed to guide every company, whatever its sector of activity or size, in transforming ambitions into concrete results.

Discover our complete guide, where the objectives of a sales reps challenge are not limited to numbers on a board, but transcend to become catalysts for change, innovation and lasting success!

2. SPIFF sales reps challenge: key points to remember

  1. Define the objective of the sales rep challenge in line with the company's strategic objectives.
  2. Selecting the most appropriate target to enable sales reps to meet the pre-defined objective.
  3. Define the format of the sales reps challenge according to the objective and the sales culture, but give preference wherever possible to sales reps that combine individual and team work.
  4. Organise sales reps on an exceptional basis (3 to 6 per year) and for short periods (1 to 4 weeks).
  5. Involve all stakeholders throughout the SPIFF sales rep challenge: Sales Operations, Sales Manager, Head of Sales, Sales Enablement, etc.
  6. Systematically define a new theme for each sales rep challenge and build the physical and digital events around this theme.
  7. Define performance indicators linked to the main objective, between 1 and 3 at the most, which are easily measurable, understandable by all and adapted to each participant.
  8. Allocate a proportion of the annual budget to sales reps, depending on the length and difficulty of the challenge, its format, the number of winners and the different levels of prize money.
  9. Select rewards according to the needs and wishes of the sales reps, preferably non-financial rewards.
  10. Develop a detailed communication and events strategy, including pre-communication, several communication and events points throughout the SPIFF (results updates, sales reps, etc.), and a closing ceremony.
  11. Professional data measurement and analysis to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the sales rep team and determine a precise return on investment.
  12. Adopt a commission management platform to organise, run and gamify sales reps.

3. Summary

1. The objectives of a sales reps challenge

     A. Improve the commitment of your sales reps 

     B. Increasing your company's visibility on the market

     C. Increase your sales

     D. Renew as many contracts as possible

     E. Supporting the launch of a new product and/or service

     F. Achieving sales reps

     G. Improve the knowledge and skills of your sales reps

     H. Developing a market segment, industry or geographical area

2. Steps to follow to organise a successful SPIFF sales reps challenge

     A. Preparing and defining the sales rep challenge

          I. The objective

          II. The target

          III. Directors and participants

          IV. The format

          V. Frequency and duration

          VI. The theme

          VII. Objectives to be achieved and performance indicators to be monitored

          VIII. The budget

          IX. Rewards

               1. Determine rewards based on the needs and wishes of the sales reps

               2. Determine the type of reward: Financial or non-financial

               3. Examples of awards

     B. Announce, launch and run the sales rep challenge

          I. Pre-communication

          II. Communication and events throughout the sales rep challenge

          III. Post sales rep communication

     C. Measuring and analysing the results of a sales reps challenge

3. Digitalisation and gamification of SPIFF sales reps

     A. 7 benefits of digitising and gamifying SPIFF sales reps

     B. 7 steps to digitalise and gamify your sales reps

          I. Owning or implementing a CRM

          II. Define your objectives and expectations

          III. Creating specifications

          IV. Benchmark solutions and select the best one

          V. Implementing the chosen solution

          VI. Presenting the tool to sales reps

          VII. Setting up and launching the first sales reps challenge

     C. SPIFF sales reps with Qobra

4. 24 examples of SPIFF sales reps

     A. Sales

          I. Champions League

          II. Naval battle

          III. Discovery of America

          IV. Novelty is rewarded

          V. Awarded regularity

          VI. World Cup

          VII. Recommendations & introductions

          VIII. Sniper

          IX. Mario Kart

          X. Sales x Marketing

     B. SDR|BDR

          I. Superbowl

          II. Who is it?

          III. Better cold call

          IV. Meetings in unknown territory

          V. Marathon

          VI. Olympic Games

          VII. The clash of the titans

          VIII. Poker Party

     C. CSM|AM

          I. NBA Trophy

          II. Power 4

          III. Money calls to money

          IV. Off to a flying start

          V. The test of continuity

          VI. Model student



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Antoine Fort
Antoine Fort
CEO @Qobra
February 13, 2024