We are building a suite
for Revenue Operations

Our Product Roadmap

Sales Compensation
The compensation plan is the most powerful tool CEOs have to drive business strategy.
Territory Design
If the sales reps are your army, territory design is your battle plan.
Target Setting
Accurate targets generate sales force trust and performance.
Capacity Planning
The capacity planning is the result of an accurate modeling of compensation, territories and targets.

Why did we pick
revenue operations ?

Revenue Operations bring a system to selling. It uses data to drive strategy, best practices to guide training, and technology to hack success. It is all the nasty number things that you don’t want to do, but need to do to make a great sales force.

We have the ambition of becoming the reference software for Global Revenue Operations teams.

One of the key pillars of world-class Revenue Operations teams is Sales Compensation. That's why we start here. But we won't stop until we helped companies on all the other pillars that make great Revenue Operations teams.

As of today's date, Qobra has certified +100M€ commissions over 10+ countries.

Meet the founding team

Simon Laurino
Charles de la Roche 
Saint André
Lead Dev
Jean-Charles Shadili

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We are now hiring over 20 positions in all departments (Tech, Product, Customer Success, Sales, Marketing, Operations). Our team is our biggest strength, check us out !

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Our investors

Qobra is backed by top-tier investors, including Breega, who led our 5M€ Seed round in January 2022.