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Save time and energy with Qobra using our seamless integrations with CRM, data warehouse, financial & HR platforms. And yes, you can still make manual adjustments.


With our native CRM integrations, commission data are synced in real-time. The power of commission automation is here.

Connect your data in second

Qobra allows you to natively connect to your CRMs with ease to ensure you that you get all the data needed for your calculations.

Get real time data from your CRM integration

By connecting CRMs to Qobra you get a real-time views of all your deals and compensations linked to boost motivation and transparency.

Overwrite your sync data in-App

Adjust all the data from your CRM to make the change you need in your statements calculation.

microsoft dynamics

Data warehouse

Sync Qobra with your data lake and schedule your refresh.

Sync your data in second

You can connect your data lake to Qobra in a few clicks
and get all the data you need for your calculation.

Schedule the refresh based on your daily needs

Qobra allows you to schedule refresh up to 4 times a day
to fit with your data lake update slots.

Trigger refresh whenever you need

By connecting your data lake to Qobra, you can trigger
update whenever you need.

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Automate the management of user and payrolls by connecting Qobra to your HRIS.

Save time by connecting your HRIS to Qobra

Qobra allows you to natively connect to you HRIS to automate all users and permissions management.

Automate payrolls management

By connecting your HRIS to Qobra you can automate the payrolls sendings from Qobra to your HRIS.

We provide API integration

To coverage any cases, we have our proper API to build custom integration

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