Control and secure sales commission payouts

Strengthen the financial health of the company with accurate commissions payouts paid on time and maximize ROI with the best incentive programs in Qobra.


“We have the ability to scale our commissioning plans while setting up central governance with the Finance team”

Jean-Louis Baffier

CRO @Nextlane

Managing commissions is essential, generating ROI is a must

Calculating commissions is

essential, generating ROI is a must.

Sales compensation is the best tool you have to drive business strategy.

of sales performance by adopting Qobra
5 Days
won per month by our customers in the management of their commissions
Reliability in calculating and managing your commissions.

Why the best Finance teams
are running commissions in Qobra?

Optimise your financial insight with Qobra's reporting capabilities

Get the clarity and control you need to drive strategic decisions and ensure your company’s financial success.

comp plan editor

Effortless commission validation with Qobra

Eliminate back-and-forth between tools and teams, ensuring accurate and timely payouts, freeing up your finance team to focus on strategic initiatives.

validation statement

Manage several commissions plans with complete flexibility

No more multi-lines formulas in Excel. Automate and manage all your commission plans in a few clicks and take control on what really matters.


Increase trust to drive sales retention

Best talent need to have real-time visibility on their result to overperform.


How Finance teams use Qobra

Automate your

  • Connect your data with our seamless, native integrations so you never have to manually import and export files again.
  • Eliminate commission errors due to Excel and set up your commission plans in a few clicks using our no-code platform.
  • Give real-time access to targets and commission data at any time for every team to increase sales motivation and performance through Qobra's dashboards.

Manage your commissions

  • Create and manage your teams hierarchy in Qobra with high security level due to advanced access control.
  • Get one-click access to your teams performance, by plan and by period.
  • Collaborate with ease with built-in discussion features, to stay flexible and better manage exceptions.

Engage your team

  • Give sales reps vibility and transparency to their commissions, to bring alignment and get rid of end-of-month frustrations.
  • Increase Sales Reps motivation with real-time commission updates and notifications as soon as they close deals.
  • Boost business performance by creating exciting challenges directly in Qobra and leveraging peak business periods.
Sales rep used Qobra everyday

Pierre-Gaël Pasquiou

Chief Sales Officer @welcometothejungle

     In concrete terms, we are not going to do a Formula 1 race in a 4L. Qobra, for us, is the Formula 1 of commissions.With Qobra, there's no potential discussion around calculation errors.

+4 days
saved per month
with Qobra

Aude Cadiot

Head Of Revenue Operations @spendesk

     Before Qobra, it took us a week to manage all the back-and-forth with managers and HR on commission management. Today, for 200 sales, we're down to 3 days.

reliable data concerning all commission

Aloys de Lobkowicz

Revenue Operations @hosman

     Qobra makes data reliable, and we can now rely 100% on it, without having to go back and forth.

of sales performance

Fabian Q.Veit

CEO @make

     Since we've had Qobra, we've seen between 15 and 20% progress towards our objectives.

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