Any commissions plans automated in real-time

Easily calculate any commissions through automation in real-time, with reliability and flexibility.


How to automate

commissions with Qobra?

How automate

your commission

Integrate all your data sources
Connect your data with our seamless, native integrations so you never have to manually import and export files again.
Clementine Spendesk

Clémentine Platel-Paris

Head Of Sales @Spendesk

“The first criterion that led us to choose Qobra was its connectivity with our tools, such as Salesforce, which is extremely important.”

Flexible and Intuitive no-code
Forget commission errors due to Excel and set up your commission plans in a few clicks using our no-code platform.
comp plan editor
Aude Spendesk

Aude Cadiot

Head Of Revenue Operations @Spendesk

“As an Ops, it's hyper important to have a tool that's intuitive, flexible and can allow us to make changes very quickly.”

Reliable and real-time commissions
Give real-time access to targets and commission data at any time for every team to increase sales motivation and performance through Qobra's dashboards.

Pierre-Gaël Pasquiou

Chief Sales Officer @Welcometothejungle

“With Qobra, there's no potential discussion around calculation errors. Qobra is the Formula 1 of commissions.”

crm integrations
comp plan editor

One platform to align your whole

organisations about commissions

Increase sales motivation and hit targets

Boost trust and motivation with real-time access to commissions.

  • Increase trust to drive sales retention.
  • Leverage sales motivation with real-time notifications.
  • High visibility on commissions to high performance.

Speed up your commissions processes

Drastically reduce the time spent on commissions and drive alignment for revenue teams to focus on growth.

  • Forget manual Excel tasks & integrate every data in a second.
  • Manage several commissions plans with incredible flexibility.
  • Forget the back and forth and welcome commission validation in a single platform.

Manage Commissions with confidence and control

Get accurate commission payout paid on time and maximize ROI with best incentive program.

  • Pay commissions with 100% reliability on time.
  • Empower Your Financial Insight with Qobra Reporting.
  • Export all data in one click as you want.

Managing commissions is essential, generating ROI is a must

Calculating commissions is essential, generating ROI is a must.

Sales compensation is the best tool you have to drive business strategy.

of sales performance by adopting Qobra
5 Days
won per month by our customers in the management of their commissions
Reliability in calculating and managing your commissions.
Sales rep used Qobra everyday

Pierre-Gaël Pasquiou

Chief Sales Officer @welcometothejungle

     In concrete terms, we are not going to do a Formula 1 race in a 4L. Qobra, for us, is the Formula 1 of commissions.With Qobra, there's no potential discussion around calculation errors.

+4 days
saved per month
with Qobra

Aude Cadiot

Head Of Revenue Operations @spendesk

     Before Qobra, it took us a week to manage all the back-and-forth with managers and HR on commission management. Today, for 200 sales, we're down to 3 days.

reliable data concerning all commission

Aloys de Lobkowicz

Revenue Operations @hosman

     Qobra makes data reliable, and we can now rely 100% on it, without having to go back and forth.

of sales performance

Fabian Q.Veit

CEO @make

     Since we've had Qobra, we've seen between 15 and 20% progress towards our objectives.

All our features

All our features

Real-time CRM connection

Data is always up-to-date and reliable.

Scheduled refresh

Automatically update data from
any connection.

Manual adjustments

Overwrite any synced value to handle exceptions.

No-code plan editor

Implement any compensation with ease.

Built-in commission models

Use standard models to save time and bring clarity to reps.

Recurring or one-time compensation

Set up once and let the logic repeat itself as long as you want.

Hierarchy, groups & attributes

Define employee properties to be used in calculation logic.


Handle any currency and conversion rates.

SSO & Google sign-in

Simplify login for users with enterprise grade security standards.

Explore how we align your whole

organisation about commission

Explore how we align all your whole commission organisation

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