Sales challenge: How to turn it into a performance driver?

Discover the advice, methods and tips from Qobra, Glady and SeLoger for setting up motivating sales challenge!

Antoine Fort
CEO @Qobra

November 16, 2023

Sales Ops



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65% of B2B companies say that the productivity of their sales teams is their number 1 challenge! (Study by The Bridge Group)

Today, among existing motivational levers, sales challenges are an undeniable lever! However, to reap the full benefits of a sales challenge, it is essential that it is well organized and follows precise steps.

4 experts have come together to share their methods, advice and best practices with you:

• Antoine Fort (CEO Qobra)

• Paul Barret (Team Lead Sales Ops at Glady)

• Théo Manachem (Sales Ops at SeLoger)

• Quentin Bourdeix (Sales Ops Manager at SeLoger)


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