How to build the perfect sales compensation plan?

Discover the advice, methods and tips from Qobra, Salesloft and Cognism for setting up the perfect commissions plan for your sales reps!

Antoine Fort
CEO @Qobra

May 21, 2024




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Commissions for sales staff is the number 1 investment for the overwhelming majority of companies. This makes it, on the one hand, a very important financial issue and, on the other, a super-powerful psychological tool for aligning the behavior and therefore the performance of salespeople!

However, building a motivating compensation pay plan is a complex task that requires specific skills and knowledge...3 experts have come together to share their methods, advice, and best practice with you:

• Antoine Fort (CEO Qobra)

• Coralie De Robert (Sales Director at Salesloft)

• David Bentham (VP of Global Sales at Cognism)


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