Hosman x Qobra: Extra motivation for sales reps

“Qobra has helped us regain control while giving sales reps full visibility into their past and future compensation.”

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Commissions at Hosman

At Hosman, commissions account for a significant proportion of sales reps' remuneration. It is a real lever for generating revenue across the whole of Hosman, which is why it is vital to ensure that it is reliable, transparent and visible.

However, before equipping themselves with the commission management platform created by Qobra, they were encountering a number of problems relating to variable remuneration.

So we decided to interview Aloys de Lobkowicz (Revenue Operations) and Anatole Oger (Sales Manager) to find out more and understand how Qobra enables them to manage the topic of commissions simply, and turn it into a real driver of performance, motivation and loyalty.

1. Challenges

Before moving to Qobra, Hosman used Excel and Google Sheet to calculate and manage their employees' commissions. 

An ill-suited solution that posed a number of major problems:

  • Lack of visibility
  • Common errors
  • Considerable time wasted calculating and managing commissions
  • Lack of simplicity and legibility
  • Non-scalable system

Considerable time wasted managing commissions

(Anatole Oger, Sales Manager)

"There was little automation, so it took us a long time to enter everyone's commissions. Plus there were quite a few errors, so we had to go back over the commissions."

Wasting time creating business

(Anatole Oger, Sales Manager)

"The problem was that we had the feeling that our teams were spending a lot of time managing their commissions, and as a result they were losing a bit of time on the essential part of our business, which is selling flats."

A non-scalable commission system

(Aloys de Lobkowicz, Revenue Operations)

"The fact that before the documents were open to everyone, everyone had a few lines, and each time, each month, to be very precise, they had to put "Ok confirmed" next to it. But it's something that you enter in hard copy, that everyone can modify, and as a result, it also relied a lot on trust, which is very good, when you're perhaps a small structure, but the bigger you grow, the more you need to be able to rely on something that's technically validated and that doesn't change."

2. Solutions

Aloys de Lobkowicz (Revenue Operations) and Anatole Oger (Sales Manager) explained how Qobra is helping them to meet the various challenges they face when it comes to commissions.

A system for validating commissions and a discussion function

(Aloys de Lobkowicz, Revenue Operations)

"Validation workflows, which are things we've never done in Excel, but which we can now do. So it's the sales reps themselves who are going to validate and say I agree with this amount within the software, they have a whole system to be able to communicate, to say on what point they don't agree, where there could potentially be things to add."

(Anatole Oger, Sales Manager)

"Qobra allows us to see exactly which commission corresponds to which property, and if there's the slightest error, there's a Chat in Qobra too, which allows us to quickly comment on the error if it happens, but in any case, that's much less the case than it used to be."

100% reliable data

(Aloys de Lobkowicz, Revenue Operations)

"The reliability of the data, where now in fact, we can rely 100% on it, without having to go back and forth, is it Google Sheet that freezes or something else."

Considerable time savings

Hosman testimonial Qobra

(Anatole Oger, Sales Manager)

"I save half a day, which means I have to go back and forth a lot less to deal with my teams' problems."

Real-time visibility as a source of motivation

(Anatole Oger, Sales Manager)

"I really like the live and automation aspects of Qobra. Live for motivating the troops, i.e. every day you can update your Qobra to see where you are, and that's motivating. It's really this aspect that we didn't have before with Google Sheet.”

Hosman testimonial Qobra

(Anatole Oger, Sales Manager)

"You can really keep track of what's been done in previous months, so I don't know, you say to yourself I earned so much last month, and now we're halfway through the month, we're a long way from what we earned last month, in any case it makes you want to do twice as much to make up for lost time and reach the targets we've set ourselves."

A constantly evolving product and a responsive team

(Aloys de Lobkowicz, Revenue Operations)

"My biggest surprise was the responsiveness of the teams. The product is under continuous development, and as soon as we had a request or a small area for improvement, at least the few times I brought it up, it was taken into account very quickly and deployed."

(Aloys de Lobkowicz, Revenue Operations)

"Now we can set up SPIFFs, so that's nice because actually before I had the commissions on Qobra and the SPIFFs still on Google Sheet. Now we can do it on Qobra, it's the latest little extra we've got."


With its commission calculation and management solution for sales rep, sales operations, finance and HR teams, Qobra helps companies make variable pay :

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Users: +10,000 users (Finance, Revenue Operations, Sales Operations, HR, Sales, etc.).

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