“Qobra is the Formula 1 of sales compensation & targets."

“Qobra has helped us regain control while giving sales reps full visibility into their past and future compensation.”

Partoo   -   40 Sales Reps
Welcome to the Jungle is the multichannel media company that aims to inspire every individual to thrive in their professional lives. They raised a total of $32.8M.
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March 2021

Who are you?

[Pierre-Gaël] Hello, my name is Pierre-Gaël  and I am Chief Sales Officer.

[Adrien] I'm Adrien, the Head of Sales.

[Diva] I'm Diva, Head of Business Operations.

What is Welcome to the Jungle doing?

[A] Welcome to the Jungle is a media dedicated to employment that reinvents the work experience through an ecosystem of products.

[PG] Our media, which is the tip of the iceberg and our best known product, allows companies to attract and hire the right people.

Why did you chose to use Qobra?

[PG] Qobra allows us to tackle different issues. The first is to make sales compensation transparent and understandable to the sales team ...

[D] ... in order to be able to highlight the correlation between their performance and their compensation. From the Operations point of view, the goal is to automate a time-consuming task.

[A] We have a team that has tremendously grown over the last few years and we needed to equip ourselves with a tool that would allow us to better monitor sales compensation.

How was it like before Qobra?

[PG] Before Qobra, sales commissions were calculated in spreadsheets. We had lots of different spreadsheets, which were taking input from different data sources ...

[A] ... which was time-consuming, lacked transparency and was difficult to consolidate and share among the different stakeholders.

[D] One could think that it was only done once a quarter, but it was actually taking much longer, because in the middle of the quarter, we had salespeople asking for their current commission, so we actually had to do the calculation several times a quarter.

How do you use Qobra?

[A] I use Qobra in different ways. On a global level, I use it to track the performance and the progress of my teams' compensation.

[PG] Each member of the sales team has her own access to the platform, which allows her to monitor in real time both her target achievement and commission earning.

[D] Now that the implementation has been completed, I don't really have to do anything, apart from checking and communicating with the managers to mal sure calculations are correct and sent to payroll on time. Qobra's support is available through Slack Connect and always super quick to respond.

What are the benefits of Qobra?

[PG] The three main benefits of Qobra for us are: trust, execution speed and legal compliance. Indeed, Qobra is a third party that certifies sales compensation for us so that there are no more disputes nor calculation errors.

[D] We use Qobra to guarantee correct and real-time information. In the end, the only thing I have left to do now is to validate the commissions when the quarter ends with one click.

[A] We also believe that our employees need to have enough transparency and alignment. Qobra remarkably meets our expectations.

Could you live without Qobra?

[D] No way!

[A] No, because Qobra is a tool that is extremely motivating for our team.

[PG] Why would we change? Qobra is the Formula 1 of sales compensation & targets.

What is your favorite feature?

[PG] My favorite feature is the one-click export, since most of my work used to be computing the commissions.

[D] The one-click export at the end of the quarter!

[A] When the commission charts start to skyrocket.

Qobra in a word?

[PG] Efficiency.

[D] Fantastic.

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