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“Qobra has helped us regain control while giving sales reps full visibility into their past and future compensation.”

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At Welcome to the Jungle, commissions are a significant part of the remuneration of SDRs, AEs and CSMs.

However, before equipping themselves with the commission calculation and management solution created by Qobra, the Welcome to the Jungle teams were facing several issues regarding variable pay.

We therefore decided to interview Pierre-Gaël Pasquiou (Chief Sales Officer), Diva Fumery (Head of Business Operations) and Adrien Vicard (Head of Sales) to find out more and to understand how Qobra allows them to simply manage the subject of variable remuneration, and to turn it into a real lever for performance, motivation and loyalty.

1. Challenges

Before moving to Qobra, Welcome to the Jungle was calculating and managing the commissions of its teams in Excel.  

An unsuitable solution that posed several major problems:

  • Considerable loss of time
  • Lack of transparency

Considerable loss of time

Pierre-Gaël Pasquiou (Chief Sales Officer)

"Before Qobra, the subject of the variable was driven via Excel spreadsheets. We had systems of formulas on the right and on the left, linking different data."

Diva Fumery (Head of Business Operations)

"With Excel, on the operations side, calculating and managing commissions was a time-consuming task. You might think it's once a quarter, but in the end it's something that takes much longer, because in the middle of the period, you might have sales people who need that information, so you have to do the calculation several times a quarter."

Lack of transparency

Pierre-Gaël Pasquiou (Chief Sales Officer)

"Before, there was a lack of transparency and intelligibility on the subject of the variable."

Adrien Vicard (Head of Sales)

"There was a clear lack of transparency towards the teams and it was difficult to compile all the information and pass it on to the different departments (HR, Finance, etc.)."

2. Solutions

Real-time commission tracking

Pierre-Gaël Pasquiou (Chief Sales Officer)

"Each member of the sales team has access to the Qobra platform which allows them to track their target and completion rate on the variable topics in real time."

Adrien Vicard (Head of Sales)

"I use Qobra in different ways. On a global level, it's to track the performance and progress of my teams' variable."

Diva Fumery Qobra

Automation of commission management

Diva Fumery (Head of Business Operations)

"I don't have to do anything, just check and communicate with the managers to respect our schedule. Finally, the only thing I have to do today is to validate the commissions at the end of the quarter with a click."

Pierre-Gaël Pasquiou (Chief Sales Officer)

"With Qobra, you can export everything in one click, whereas before, most of my work was compiling information."

A motivational lever

Pierre-Gaël Pasquiou (Chief Sales Officer)

"In concrete terms, we are not going to do a Formula 1 race in a 4L. Qobra, for us, is the Formula 1 of commissions."

Adrien Vicard Qobra

Adrien Vicard (Head of Sales)

"We believe that talent needs to have some transparency and alignment from teams, and in that sense Qobra does an amazing job of meeting our expectations."


Qobra's commission management and calculation solution for sales, business operations, finance and HR teams helps companies make variable pay :

Customers: +100 companies of all sizes and in all sectors (Doctolib, Payfit, Spendesk, Go1, Make, CoachHub, SeLoger, Figaro, Agicap, etc.).

Users: +10,000 users (Finance, Revenue Operations, Sales Operations, HR, Sales, etc.).

Countries: France, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Czech Republic.

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