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Spendesk is a business expense management solution that brings control, visibility and automation to finance teams.

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Spendesk x Qobra: Confidence to outperform

At Spendesk, the commissions represent an important part of the remuneration of the CSM, AE, BDR/SDR, Onboarding & Partnerships (France, Germany, Spain, Italy & UK). Commissions are a real motivating factor, so it is important for them to have well-defined, well-constructed, transparent and accessible objectives.

However, prior to adopting Qobra's commission management tool, they experienced a number of problems with commissions.

We therefore decided to interview Aude Cadiot (Revenue Operations Lead) and Clémentine Platel-Paris (Head of Sales Southern Europe) to find out more and to understand how Qobra enables them to manage the topic of commissions in a simple way, and to turn it into a real lever for performance, motivation and loyalty.

1. Challenges

Like many companies, before moving to Qobra, Spendesk used Google Sheets spreadsheets to calculate and manage their employees' commissions. 

An unsuitable solution that posed several major problems:

  • Considerable loss of time (manual calculation of commissions, back and forth between different stakeholders, updating of data, reporting...)
  • Lack of visibility on commissions
  • Frustration and lack of confidence of sales reps

Manual commission management

Aude Cadiot (Revenue Operations Lead)

"The process was extremely manual, we managed everything by hand with Google Sheets and automation, it took at least a week in the month with all the back and forth with the managers to validate and send the results to HR.”

Clémentine Platel-Paris (Head of Sales Southern Europe)

"A real waste of time, on several levels, both for Sales, for its manager and for the Ops teams. We were using individual spreadsheets that we would update once a month. A real lack of visibility that led to the need to have a lot of conversations, a lot of back and forth, and therefore a big waste of time."

Lack of real-time visibility for employees

Aude Cadiot (Revenue Operations Lead)

"We had a lot of dashboards or reports in Salesforce or Looker, we were exporting all the data and then ingesting it completely into Google Sheet. This didn't give employees any real-time visibility at all. In my opinion, in order to drive performance and motivation, it's very important for teams to know in real-time when they are during the month on their commission results.”

Teams frustrated and lacking in confidence

Aude Cadiot (Revenue Operations Lead)

"It was tedious for the teams and therefore more likely to generate human error. And so it created frustration for the teams, a lack of confidence."

2. Solutions

Aude Cadiot (Revenue Operations Lead) and Clémentine Platel-Paris (Head of Sales Southern Europe) explained how Qobra is helping them to meet the various challenges they face in relation to commissions.

Considerable time savings

Aude Cadiot (Revenue Operations Lead)

"Clearly, before Qobra, it took us almost a week to manage the back and forth with managers and HR on commission management. Today, for 200 employees, we are down to 3 days.”

Clémentine Platel-Paris (Head of Sales Southern Europe)

"I will only log in a few times a month to check that the integration with Salesforce is working well, that the information that is automatically sent to Qobra is correct. Which is actually the case because today it only takes a few seconds to check and be sure that at the end of the month there will be no discussions at all."

Increased team confidence

Clémentine Platel-Paris (Head of Sales Southern Europe)

"Qobra in a word? Trust."

Clémentine Platel-Paris (Head of Sales Southern Europe)

"There are no more claims because in fact there are no more mistakes."

Qobra, a combination of simplicity and flexibility

Aude Cadiot (Revenue Operations Lead)

"The first criterion that led us to choose Qobra was the connectivity with our tools. So Salesforce, our CRM, is very important. The second was the readability and ease of understanding of these results for the employee. The third was the ease of administration of the tool. As Ops, it's very important to have a tool that is intuitive, flexible and that allows us to make changes very quickly.”

Clémentine Platel-Paris (Head of Sales Southern Europe)

"Today, Qobra brings us simplicity and efficiency."

A motivation and performance booster

Clémentine Platel-Paris (Head of Sales Southern Europe)

"The gamification aspect, with integration on Slack or by email, is quite interesting as it allows us to boost our motivation in real-time. Our Sales people are quite fond of that."

Clémentine Platel-Paris (Head of Sales Southern Europe)

"Over the year 2022, we are averaging 123% individual performance, and Qobra is part of one of the links that brings that motivation and makes us perform on a daily basis."

Aude Cadiot (Revenue Operations Lead)

"Qobra in a word? Performance."


Qobra's commission management and calculation solution for sales rep, business operations, finance and HR teams helps companies make commissions variable:

Customers: +100 companies of all sizes and in all sectors (Doctolib, Payfit, Spendesk, Go1, Make, CoachHub, SeLoger, Figaro, Agicap, etc.).

Users: +10,000 users (Finance, Revenue Operations, Sales Operations, HR, Sales, etc.).

Countries: France, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.

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