Why did +150 Ops Leaders opt for a commission tool?

Find out how +150 operations organizations deal with the subject of commissions, and benefit from their methods and best practices in this area!

Antoine Fort
CEO @Qobra

July 9, 2024

1. Introduction 

Among the many challenges facing businesses, finding ways to improve the performance of their sales reps is one of the most important. According to a study by The Bridge Group, 65% of B2B companies say that the productivity of their sales reps is their number 1 challenge. 

Among the many levers available, the commission stands out as one of the most effective tools for stimulating the motivation and commitment of sales reps. However, simply offering commission is not enough to guarantee success. Today, it is essential to move on from Excel or Google Sheet to a commissioning tool to exploit their full potential!

To understand this, the Qobra teams went to meet numerous Operations Departments, Sales Ops and Revenue Ops, experts involved in the design and management of commissions within prestigious companies such as CoachHub, SeLoger, Agicap, Spendesk, Payfit, Make, Pennylane, Welcome to the Jungle, and many others. Their experience and feedback gives us valuable insight into the positive impact of switching from Excel or Google Sheet to a commissioning tool for sales reps.

2. Summary

1. 100% reliable commissions for total confidence from sales reps

  1. Native integration with CRM for reliable data in real time
  2. Automated commission calculation
  3. Automated verification of calculation formulas and commission plans

2. Save a considerable amount of time to devote to high value-added operational tasks

  1. Quick configuration and modification of commission plans
  2. Centralisation of commission-related information
  3. Scalability of commission plans
  4. Simplification of the commission closure process
  5. Access to commission experts

3. Free up sales reps' time so that they can devote 100% to the business

  1. Access to commission data
  2. Independent checking and validation of commissions
  3. Drastic reduction in complaints and queries

4. Make commission the 1st sales rep performance driver

  1. Better understanding of the commission plan by sales reps
  2. Real-time visibility for sales reps on their commissions
  3. SPIFF sales reps: a further lever for commitment
  4. Lead the commission plan
  5. Attractive UX/UI: A key factor in adoption
  6. Build effective commission plans

5. Align the Operations team with the Sales, Finance and HR teams

  1. Centralise exchanges to improve understanding and management
  2. Total transparency of information to improve collaboration
  3. Full visibility of the commission process
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