“Before Qobra, I had a lot of questions from my team. Now they can see how much they will earn. The ROI is crystal clear."

“Qobra has helped us regain control while giving sales reps full visibility into their past and future compensation.”

Partoo   -   40 Sales Reps
Didomi is a consent and preference management platform for collecting and leveraging user consents and preferences for businesses. Didomi raised a $40M Series B in July 2021.
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February 2021

Who are you?

[Raphaël] Hi, I'm Raphael, VP Sales and co-founder at Didomi.

[Florian] My name is Florian and I am Sales Ops at Didomi.

[Matthieu] I'm Matthieu, I have been working at Didomi for a bit more than a year and I am in the sales team.

What is Didomi doing?

[R] Didomi is a French solution that was created about 4 years ago, which helps companies to collect, store and distribute consent.

Why did you chose to use Qobra?

[F] The goal was to centralize all the commission plans of the sales teams.

[M] I know that having visibility on the potential commission related a deal that I can close provides me extra-motivation to work harder and to continue to perform.

How was it like before Qobra?

[R] Before Qobra it used to be very manual, using Excel. We exported the data from Salesforce, we had to reprocess it, map the right columns and double-check the calculation since commissions are a very sensitive subject.

[M] Before Qobra, for 100% of the payslips I received, I had this little reflex to check if the commissions were correct.

How do you use Qobra?

[R] As VP Sales, Qobra is mainly a monitoring and management tool for me.

[F] I have implemented a dozen of compensation plans in Qobra, each one being different from the others.

[M] Qobra is now really part of my business routine.

What are the benefits of Qobra?

[R] As we know, the best salespeople care about their commissions, so they look at Qobra very often, as they used to ask me where the stand. Before Qobra, I had a lot of questions from my team. Now they can directly see online how much they will earn, because we check with the Sales Ops that the plans are correctly implemented at the beginning of the quarter. I can even access Qobra directly inside Salesforce.

[F] One of the main benefits is to be able to export all the variable compensation amounts in one click.

Could you live without Qobra?

[F] You should ask the sales team and I think they'd be pretty unanimous in saying that ...

[M] ... no, definitely no. This is the first time is my sales career that I have the opportunity to use a sales compensation software like Qobra. I don't see why we would make this step back.

[R] In my opinion, doing it would be a real step backwards. It would be counterproductive to run a sales team without Qobra. The ROI is crystal clear

What is your favorite feature?

[R] My favorite feature is the Deal Desk, Indeed, while the system is completely automated, the Deal Desk allows me to create exceptions, such as splits, removing a deal from a quarter for some reasons, or even deducting a partner commission without having to call Qobra support.

[M] It's the refresh button, so that Salesforce is always up to date.

Qobra in a word?

[R] Motivation. Efficiency. Proven ROI.

[F] Visibility. Time saving.

[M] Performance.

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