Didomi x Qobra: Reliable and accessible commission plans

“Qobra has helped us regain control while giving sales reps full visibility into their past and future compensation.”

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Didomi is a consent and preference management platform for collecting and leveraging user consents and preferences for businesses. Didomi raised a $40M Series B in July 2021.
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At Didomi, commissions are an important part of the remuneration of SDRs and AEs.

However, prior to adopting Qobra's commission calculation and management solution, Didomi's teams were facing a number of issues regarding variable pay.

We therefore decided to interview Raphaël Boukris (Chief Revenue Officer), Florian Ganster (Sales Ops) and Matthieu Saroli (Account Executive) to find out more and to understand how Qobra allows them to simply manage the subject of variable remuneration, and to make it a real lever for performance, motivation and loyalty.

1. Challenges

Before moving to Qobra, Didomi was calculating and managing its teams' commissions in Excel.  

An unsuitable solution that posed several major problems:

  • Decentralised commission plans
  • Lack of visibility
  • Considerable time wasted checking information

Decentralised commission plans

Florian Ganster (Sales Ops)

"With Excel, all commission plans for the sales teams were decentralised."

Considerable time wasted checking information

Raphaël Boukris (Chief Revenue Officer)

"Before Qobra it was very manual, we used Excel. We exported the data from Salesforce, had to process it, put it in the right columns and redo the calculations. Commissions were a very sensitive issue."

Matthieu Saroli (Account Executive)

"Before Qobra, for 100% of the payslips I received, I had this little reflex to check if the commissions were correct."

Lack of visibility

Raphaël Boukris (Chief Revenue Officer)

"As we know, the best sales people pay a lot of attention to their variable, so they wanted to look at it very often, so they often asked me for this information."

2. Solutions

Adaptable commission plans

Florian Ganster

Raphaël Boukris (Chief Revenue Officer)

"With the Deal Desk feature, all deals can be easily retrieved, and while the system is fully automated and functional, the Deal Desk allows for exceptions to be created at the margin, such as removing a deal from a quarter for this or that reason, or deducting a partner commission without having to call on Qobra support."

Reliable and accessible commission plans

Raphaël Boukris (Chief Revenue Officer)

"With Qobra, you can see directly, as a sales person, in your dashboard, how much you will earn. I used to have a lot of questions, but since the Qobra implementation, there are hardly any questions, because we check with the Sales Ops that the plans are correctly implemented at the beginning of the quarter. Instead of checking my progress twice, I can even go and check it once in Qobra, as Qobra is connected directly to my dashboard on Salesforce."

Florian Ganster Qobra


Qobra's commission management and calculation solution for sales, business operations, finance and HR teams helps companies make variable pay :

Customers: +100 companies of all sizes and in all sectors (Doctolib, Payfit, Spendesk, Go1, Make, CoachHub, SeLoger, Figaro, Agicap, etc.).

Users: +10,000 users (Finance, Revenue Operations, Sales Operations, HR, Sales, etc.).

Countries: France, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Czech Republic.

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