“Qobra provides transparency on the sales commissions. The time saving is obvious.”

“Qobra has helped us regain control while giving sales reps full visibility into their past and future compensation.”

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Indy offers end-to-end and advanced AI-powered accounting software for freelancers and professionals. They raised a $35M Series B in January 2021.
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January 2021

Who are you?

My name is Martin, I've been working at Indy for two years now. I started as a sales rep, then I quickly moved to Sales Ops.

What is Indy doing?

We assist thousands of self-employed workers with their accounting. We automate the whole accounting process, by transforming all their transactions into bank entries, and we allow them to complete their accounting in 2 hours per year.

Why did you chose to use Qobra?

We started to use Qobra a year ago. After all, the commissions calculation logic was becoming quite complex, because the sales team was growing quickly. On top of that, our compensation plans were changing. Therefore, it could sometimes take up to two days to calculate the commissions with our spreadsheets.

How do you use Qobra?

It's pretty straightforward. When we have a challenge or a spiff, I add the rule inside Qobra. When the challenge rules are a bit more complex, I create a specific plan and the commissions are calculated accordingly, using the CRM data. If we happen to launch a challenge in the middle of the month, I can make it retroactive if needed. So, Qobra allows me to implement the calculation logic we need whenever I want.

What does Qobra bring to the sales team?

The first thing it that Qobra gives provides them visibility over their variable compensation, plain and simple. This is quite important. We have a system where a sals rep will unlock her bonus once she hits 80% target achievement. So it's not uncommon, as soon as they hit 80% of their target and beyond, to see them log into Qobra to look up closely at how much commission they're going to get in the end.

What are the benefits of Qobra?

Saving time, that's obvious. The transparency part is also quite important. Each sales rep can see how her commissions are calculated, and can then make sure that the rules are right. At Indy, transparency is key and Qobra brings this transparency for the commissions, which could otherwise happen to be unclear. It helps us avoid back-of-the-envelope calculation. As soon as you have a doubt, you can go to Qobra, see the calculation rule and be reassured that the amount is correct.

Qobra in a word?

Efficiency. Efficiency of the tool, which makes it possible to implement fairly complex rules and take them into account very quickly. But also the efficiency of the customer success team, since we are obviously very well supported. Indeed, as soon as we share ideas of improvement, they are available which is a big asset.

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