Indy x Qobra: Simple and effective commissions plans

“Qobra has helped us regain control while giving sales reps full visibility into their past and future compensation.”

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At Indy, commissions are a significant part of the remuneration of SDRs, AEs and CSMs.

However, prior to adopting Qobra's commission calculation and management solution, Indy's teams were facing several issues around variable pay.

Therefore, we decided to interview Martin Dambrine (Sales Ops) to find out more and understand how Qobra allows them to simply manage the subject of variable pay, and make it a real lever for performance, motivation and loyalty.

1. Challenges

Before moving to Qobra, Indy was calculating and managing his teams' commissions in Excel.  

An unsuitable solution that posed several major problems:

  • Complex management of the various variable pay plans
  • Difficulty in deploying commissions on a large scale
  • Considerable loss of time


Martin Dambrine (Sales Ops) 

"The calculation and management of variables was becoming quite complex, because we had more and more sales. On top of that, we had commission plans that were a little bit different."

Waste of time

Martin Dambrine Qobra

2. Solutions

Martin Dambrine (Sales Ops) explains how Qobra helped them to overcome the various commission challenges they faced.

Simple and effective commissioning plans 

Martin Dambrine (Sales Ops) 

"It's quite simple, it's quite straightforward. When we have a challenge, I add the rule. Sometimes I'll create a specific plan when it's a complex challenge, and that will update the CRM directly. It's not unusual for us to launch challenges in the middle of the month, but they are retroactive. In other words, it's the 15th of the month, but the challenge will be taken into account from the 1st. So Qobra allows us to implement the challenge during the month, and yet have that history directly."

Martin Dambrine (Sales Ops) 

"Efficiency in relation to the tool that will allow us to fill in quite complex rules and will take them into account very quickly." 

Visibility and transparency

Martin Dambrine (Sales Ops) 

"The first thing Qobra brings to the Sales is a view of their variable, quite simply. This is quite important. We have a system where a sales person will unlock their first variable tier at 80% of their target. So it's not uncommon, as soon as they hit 80% and go higher, to see them log into Qobra to look up how much variable they're going to get."

Martin Dambrine (Sales Ops) 

"Each user can see how and in what way his variable is calculated, and he can ensure himself that the rules are right. Transparency is very important to us at Indy and Qobra brings this transparency to the commissioning part. This avoids the need for small calculations on the corner of the table. As soon as you have a doubt, you go to Qobra, you see the calculation rule and you are sure of yourself."

Quality support

Martin Dambrine Qobra


Qobra's commission management and calculation solution for sales, business operations, finance and HR teams helps companies make variable pay :

Customers: +100 companies of all sizes and in all sectors (Doctolib, Payfit, Spendesk, Go1, Make, CoachHub, SeLoger, Figaro, Agicap, etc.).

Users: +10,000 users (Finance, Revenue Operations, Sales Operations, HR, Sales, etc.).

Countries: France, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Czech Republic.

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