“Qobra has helped us regain control while giving sales reps full visibility into their past and future compensation.”

“Qobra has helped us regain control while giving sales reps full visibility into their past and future compensation.”

Partoo   -   40 Sales Reps
Partoo lets local businesses manage their digital presence on websites, online maps, directories and apps. With $20M ARR, they have +200 employees.
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January 2021

Who are you ?

[Guillaume] My name is Guillaume Call, I am the Head of Sales for Key Accounts at Partoo.

[Clément| Clément Bouillaud, I'm the COO.

What is Partoo doing?

[G] Partoo is a solution specialised in the online referencing of brands and their points of sale on websites such as Google, Facebook, Apple Maps, etc.

[C] Our goal is to help physical businesses to improve their online visibility, whether they are physical establishments affiliated with large chains or small retailers.

Why did you chose to use Qobra?

[C] To make our lives easier.

[G] To have 360-visibility, from the recognition to the payment of sales commissions.

[C] Also to have a better monitoring over time, in order not to accumulate historical errors, but also for all sales reps to know the commissions they earned 3 months before. The goal is to get and provide visibility on everything related to sales compensation.

How was it like before Qobra?

[C] At Partoo, we have the specificity of paying commissions only when we collect the cash from the customer. Every month, we looked at all the cash collections, compared them to the opportunities that were closed in Salesforce and triggered the payment of commissions. We used Google Sheets and then sent an email to the sales reps.

[G] In spreadsheets, formulas are sometimes broken, calculations are blurry and the sales reps don't fully understand them. Above all, the ergonomics is far from Qobra's design.

How do you use Qobra?

[G] I make sure my team gets paid on time, since we've managed to integrate Qobra with our other tools ...

[C]... which was done in a few clicks. Then, a little more thought is required for the setup of the calculation rules, for which the Qobra team helped us, so that we were able to complete the implemention quickly. The third step is simply to give access to the users, for whom there is very little need for training, since everything is pretty easy to understand.

[G] Even if we use Salesforce, I find that the ergonomics are simpler. It allows me to know where we are with the payment of the commissions for the deals that have been closed.

[C] Qobra has a great customer service, that we can access directly from Slack, which means we don't have to change of environment when we have a question. Usually, we even get the answers before we have time to move on to another topic.

What are the benefits of Qobra?

[C] The main benefit we have today is time saving, because instead of having on the one hand the calculation of commissions and then the processing of the reps claims on the other, today we only have the processing of the claims. And it's getting easier as we have fewer and fewer complaints as we go along, because the calculation is certified by a third-party.

[G] When a sales rep has questions about her commissions, instead of me and her taking time to address the claim, we are able to get an answer almost instantly thanks to the visibility we have on Qobra.

[C] We are sure that there are no more errors.

[G] The sales reps benefit from a dashboard with graphs and percentages of evolution. Seeing their percentage and their gauge growing up brings extra motivation.

Could you live without Qobra?

[C] No.

[G] Today's situation is better than yesterday's, so if we were to do without Qobra, it would inevitably make us regress from our current situation.

[C] We don't want to get back to commission spreadsheets, especially since we really don't want to take away the visibility and transparency that we provided to the sales team.

What is your favorite feature?

[G] It's the dashboard. At a glance, I can know where my team stands.

[C] It's being able to handle exceptions while leaving a comment in Qobra, to which the sales people can respond directly, which allow us to centralize all discussions related to commissions inside Qobra.

Qobra in word?

[G] Ease.

[C] Simplicity.

[G] Transparency.

[C] Simplicity ? Simplicity !

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