Qobra for
Sales Operations

Save yourself a lot of time and get the sales team to love you

Set up comp plans easily

Managing commissions on spreadsheets can take a significant amount of time. With Qobra, you can easily automate calculations, so you can keep time to focus on other important parts of your work.

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Get accurate results every time

Using spreadsheets, mistakes will inevitably happen, which erodes the sales team confidence in the calculation process. Qobra is a trusted third party who certifies the commissions for you.

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Be loved by the sales team

As a sales ops, your job is to make the sales team more efficient. Making them happy is part of it. With Qobra, you can make the sales team smiling by providing them visibility on their variable compensation.

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“Qobra provides transparency on the sales commissions. Whenever sales reps have a doubt, they go to Qobra to check for themselves that the amounts are correct. The time saving is obvious.”
Martin Dambrine - Sales Operations Manager at Indy
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